And the worlds best sports bra is...

The world’s best sports bra!


People always ask me, ‘What is the best sports bra?’


I’m gonna cut straight to the point; Sorry ladies, there is no such thing as the best sports bra. There is such thing as the perfect sports bra for you- but what is right for you, might not be right for me, or aunt Chrissy, or cousin Tasha, or Bestie Sophie, or Nana Yvonne… you get the picture!


My sister Jade and I are similar shapes, smaller waist and larger cup sizes. She usually measures up about a 32DD and I usually measure up about a 30E (Depending on the bra!) However, she is breast-feeding and due to this and post-pregnancy, her breasts are a completely different shape to mine. Her requirements for a sports bra are completely different too. Jade needs adjustable straps so that she can adapt the bra to her breasts as they continue to change. An easy on and off bra with straight back straps that is medium impact, as she doesn’t like to feel strapped down is her ideal.

Myself, on the other hand, I love the flexibility that a racer-back gives you and I’m always wearing a high impact bra so there’s minimum bounce. I don’t mind the struggle of getting in and out of a bra, providing it’s worth the effort!

Ask yourself these questions to help you find your perfect bra:

What do you need a new sports bra for?

  • Replacing an old one
  • Looking to try something different
  • New activity
  • Your bras don’t fit anymore
  • You’ve lost weight/gained weight

What activities are you going to be doing in the new bra?

  • Yoga/Pilates (Low impact)
  • Gym classes (Medium/High impact)
  • Running (Medium/High impact)
  • Cycling (Medium impact)
  • Tennis (Medium/High impact)
  • Dance (Medium/High impact)
  • (All of the above and more!)

Get yourself measured

  • You can find out measuring guide on the website  

What do you want from your sports bra?

  • Maximum support for high impact activities
  • Moisture wicking to move sweat away from the body
  • Medium coverage
  • Mesh zones for breathability
  • Hook and eye closure/J Hook/Over the head
  • Non-wired/underwired
  • Cup and band or Alpha sizing
  • Padded straps

The list goes on and on!

How does it make you feel when it’s on? This might sound ridiculous, but if I feel good in something- I’m going to wear it! Sports bras may be functional, but they are allowed to look good too!

We have a sports bra finder tool to help guide you in the right direction or you can get in touch if you’d like help in finding your perfect sports bra!