Caught the running bug?

Who else spent most of Sunday watching the blood, sweat and tears from London marathon runners? Even if you don't call yourself a runner, you can't help but appreciate and feel inspired by these random individuals taking part in one of the most challenging journeys of their lives. 

And now you've caught the running bug! Well it's one of the best bugs to catch. Running has huge positive health impacts on your body and mind. So why not start running and really challenge yourself? There are many reasons people run, for health, fitness, thinking space, alone time, weight lose, social get-togethers.

Here's some tips we've pulled together for the running newbie:

Don't over do it - This is a common mistake new runners make. They want to go too fast, for too long straight away and their bodies aren't used to it. You can end up injured and the progress made will be counterproductive. 

Find a training plan and stick to it- There are loads of free training plans online and apps that you can use to help you train based on what you want to achieve. Whether thats completing a 5k, 10k or weight loss. 

Sign up to a race- That might sound scary but do your research, make sure you give yourself enough time to train properly and then you'll ace it! 

Join a running group- or run with a friend. They will help push you when you need a little extra motivation and it's a good distraction from the run itself. 

Eat right- you'll be using a lot more energy and nutrients so that your body can work harder. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and topped up with all the right fruits, veg and protein to help recovery and keep you running. 

Go easy on yourself- you won't have a fantastic run and hit a new personal best every time. Those runs when it's hard will help strengthen your mental ability, which is also a big part of running. 

Get the gear- Running shoes and a properly fitting sports bra are the two essentials you'll need to help you avoid injury and enjoy your run.

All you need to do now is get outside!