My first sports bra

Up until the age of 17 I would be playing sports, taking part in PE and going to ballet classes all wearing my everyday bra. I (and other people) would notice my breast bounce, even from early teenage years I can remember the comments that were made. Yet, I never even considered a sports bra. 

My mum, who has been running since I was born has always worn a sports bra and although she took me in my early teenage years to get fitted for my first everyday bra, a sports bra wasn't even considered until a good few years later.

We went into a sports shop, and no one advised us on what kind of sports bra I would need, they didn't ask me any questions about the type of activities I was doing, even my cup size. I was measuring up about a 30G at this point. I tried on my first sports bra, it was a pink compression crop top. I was unsure what it should feel like or if it was right, but I didn't feel like I could ask questions or seek advice. My mum bought it for me anyway as I said that it fitted- which I thought it did and it felt comfortable. 

I tried it on again when I got home and put it on over my everyday bra. To me, this felt loads better and from then on that was how I wore it. It wasn't until a year later when I was really getting into running that I decided to buy myself another sports bra. I did some research online around good sports bras and found a website which sold my size. It was a compression/encapsulation bra with moulded cups and a back closure. When it arrived I tried it on and knew straight away, this was what my breasts had been missing! It was honestly a eureka moment. 

Since then, I wished that someone had talked to me about sports bras, explained their use and how different types suit different people, just the same as with a lingerie bra or a pair of running shoes. 

It's important to educate young females on sports bras, help them understand how they can look after their bodies, enhance their performance and boost their confidence.

High Impact Sports Bras has specially selected sports bras for young females.

If you or a young female needs help or advice please reach out to us. We are more than happy to help with finding the right sports bra for everyone.