Make the most out of your sports bra blog

The search is over and you have finally found your perfect sports bra. It provides your girls with the right amount of support, fits like a glove, makes you feel like an Olympian, enhances your workouts, and even if you do wear a top over it, you wouldn’t mind if someone saw you without. Because of all this, you have even bought it in 3 different colours (Because we all know you should have 3 sports bras on the go!).

Now, how to make sure you really get the most out of your sports bra. The last thing you want is your bra stretching, losing its support, irritating you, damaged technology and changing it’s shape.

How/when to wear your sports bra:
You should do you very best to put your sports bra on in the easiest way possible (sounds obvious but try not to do any short cuts!), that might be undoing all the hooks and loosening the straps. I am the first to appreciate that putting a sports bra on isn’t always the easiest, generally because of the structure and how they provide support, bras can often be rigid and sometimes putting them on and taking them off is just as hard as the work out itself. So do the best you can with this.

Only wear your sports bra when you actually need to. Sometimes sports bras can feel comfier than your lingerie bra so you might choose to wear it more often, if that is the case you should buy an extra one for when you are not exercising.

When/how to wash your sports bra:
Think about what you are putting your sports bra through: sweat, dirt, bacteria and a serious work out! These bras are highly technical and need some TLC after everything you’re putting them through. You can usually get away with about 3 work outs before you need to wash your sports bra, but the more sweat you produce, the sooner you’ll need to wash it, so keep that in mind.

In an ideal world, hand-wash your sports bra, but when this isn’t possible, you can machine wash on a low spin and a cool temperature so not to damage the technology and structure. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Remove the cups (if needed)
  • Clip the bra together (so to avoid any hooks snagging the bra)
  • Pop in a lingerie bag (to stop the bra from stretching, twisting and catching on anything else)
  • Use a mild detergent (many bras are treated to enhance their technology, such as moisture wicking or antibacterial, using a mild detergent slows the breakdown of this)
  • Once finished, reshape the bra and air dry (dryers can do all sorts of damage as we well know from shrunken jumpers and tight jeans!)

Why you need 3 bras on the go:
Having your bras on a cycle will help them last for longer. As you wear them, the material and elastic stretches, by giving them a chance to reform back to their original shape, it will keep your sports bra working for longer.

If you look after your sports bra, your sports bra will look after you!