Anita active outer performance top details

When it comes to women and their sports bras; you name it, I've seen it.
Women wearing no sports bra, their lingerie bra, a 12 year old sports bra, tank tops, 2 bras worn at the same time- That is probably one of the most common 'sports bras' I've seen. Either 2 lingerie bras or a lingerie bra and a sports bra over the top. I am also guilty of doing this. Around the age of 17 when I knew and understood very little about sports bras I didn't feel like my compression crop top gave me enough support, so I wore my lingerie bra underneath. Instead of actually looking for an alternative sports bra that would do the job I needed. I accepted it.
Since I started fitting bras I have still found that even with the most supportive, highest impact bra, some women just don't feel like their sports bra is strapping them down enough.

INTRODUCING: Anita's Performance Outer Top.

To be worn over the top of your sports bra as an additional level of support, and it really works! I feared that wearing 2 bras at the same time would make me sweat more and overheat but the technology in the performance top reduces that risk.

It also goes against everything we preach about only needing to wear 1 sports bra, but actually if you are doing high performance activities with a lot of movement or you're a larger cup size, you might just feel that extra bit of support is needed.

- It has a front hook and zip for easy on/off
- A knit mesh to keep you cool
- The flexible material wraps closely around your sports bra
- An enclosed Zipper to stop irritation

If you do find that your girls need a little extra support, give this a try! 

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