favourite uk marathons

We've listed some of our favourite UK Marathons and what makes them so great. 

The one and only Virgin London Marathon: Ok, this seems like an obvious one. But it is a sensational marathon. Not one person finishes and wishes they hadn’t done that. I can remember when my Mum cried at the finish line, and she wasn’t the only one. There’s around 40,000 participants and the atmosphere is probably the best I’ve ever experienced, even if you are a spectator. It’s extremely difficult to get a place but there is always the charity option as well. It’s a fairly flat and fast course too!

Beautiful Brighton Seaside Marathon: Who wouldn’t want to run along the seafront!? Brighton and Hove are such beautiful and diverse cities it gives you the perfect opportunity to see as much as you can and you know there is going to be a real mix of people there. With around 12,000 participants it does make for a much more personal and enjoyable experience.

Loch Ness Monster Marathon: If mythical creatures are your kinda thing, you won’t want to miss one of Scotland’s top marathons. It’s also known for being incredibly beautiful and perfect for avoiding the busy city runs. The atmosphere is much more low-key but they still put on a great expo. Make sure you throw in some hill training!

Snowdonia Marathon: Voted Britain’s number 1 marathon twice! It’s a challenging route but you will be rewarded with stunning views, friendly locals and great support. Set bang in the middle of wales, make sure you book accommodation early or find somewhere to camp near by and take in the full experience.

Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon: Liverpool has so much to offer as a city alone but the Rock n Roll Marathon is one of the most fun and exciting races to be a part of! Even if marathon distance isn’t your speciality, they also do a half marathon, 5k and 1 mile. You get to see so much of Liverpool, including the River Mersey and Anfield Stadium! It’s a fairly flat race but you will be surprised by some of the hills. Rock n Roll are known for doing a series of events across the globe so you can guarantee a good time!

Greater Manchester Marathon: Perfect for hitting PB’s and an ‘easier’ course (if you can ever refer to a marathon as easy). You get to seem some of the great sights of the city and the support is always on top form. Manchester is a city that has really come together and this race has become part of what it is known for. You can also take on the course in a relay team of 2 or 4 so get your friends and family involved!

Belfast City Marathon: Almost 40 years of marathons and around 17,000 runners now participating, plus an excuse to visit Ireland. The local support is one of the best thanks to all that Irish charm, and if you like a challenge then this is it! They have tonnes of other races going on that makes this a fun and friendly marathon.

Women Can Marathon: Based in beautiful Devon, this is a WOMEN’S ONLY marathon. The route is multi terrain so get your road and trail training in and the sea views are not to be missed! The atmosphere and support from the crowd is truly inspiring. It is still a fairly low-level marathon in terms of participants but it is due to grow as more women hear about it!

Yorkshire Marathon: Road runners that want a fast run can look no further! You will be surrounded by beautiful country side and quiet country lanes, with only around 7000 runners, you still get a fantastic atmosphere without feeling over-crowded or lost! This is one to add to your bucket list.

Shakespeare Marathon: Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, this is a lot of fun! As you can imagine costumes are a big deal here. Stratford is a very pretty city, cobbled streets, historic buildings and a gorgeous river running through it. Winning awards for best organised events, you know you are going to have a stress-free run. Mainly flat and fast, so ideal for a PB or first-time marathon runners!