The Herbal Tea Guide

In the 'old' meeting days, they usually started off with "Can I get you a tea or a coffee?". And if I had 4 meetings that day, I don't want to be drinking 4 coffees consecutively. Not only am I unable to concentrate past the second cup, but I won't last long in a meeting without having to use the ladies room. Now, more and more frequently I am given the option of herbal tea. Phew! Sometimes I just need a warm cup to hold and not fill my body with excessive caffeine.

If you are new to the herbal tea scene, welcome aboard! The options are endless and we've got a guide covered to help you decide on flavour and even benefits. 

Classic Green Tea:
The taste can be slightly bitter, and a little bit grassy. I know I am not really selling it, but the benefits are endless!
- Good for the heart
- Helps with memory
- Caffeinated to give you a pick me up

Mint/peppermint Tea:
One of my favourites! Minty flavour (Obviously!)
- Helps digestion of fat
- Reduces stomach bloating
- Can soothe stomach upset/cramps

Ginger Tea:
You can guess the flavour!
- Eases nausea
- Add lemon and honey for cold and flu symptom relief

Oolong Tea:
Floral, grassy taste. 
- Helps with weight loss
- Promotes healthy heart functions
- High in antioxidants 

Rooibos Tea:
Heavy, full bodied, nutty flavour.
- Can help prevent diabetes
- Anti-inflammatory
- Encourages healthy digestion

Rosehip Tea:
Not overwhelming in flavour but can have a tangy, sour taste.
- Vitamin C 
- Encourage healthy digestion
- Relieve symptoms of Kidney problems 

Hibiscus Tea:
Tart flavour similar to cranberries
- Can lower blood pressure and cholesterol
-  Promote a health immune system
- Speed up metabolism

Dandelion Tea:
Earthy, root flavour.
- Aids digestion
- Rich in potassium
- Source of Vitamin A

Echinacea Tea:
My friend Sophie swears by it. (Pron. Eck-i-na-sha) Very faint sweetish taste.
- Fights against colds
- Boosts immune system

Jasmine Tea:
Light floral flavour, now comes in many variations. 
- Encourages relaxation
- Improves digestion
- Helps prevent diabetes

Lavender Tea:
Well, it has a lavender taste. 
- Good for relaxation
- Can encourage sleep
- Improve mood

Licorice Tea:
A strong but not overwhelming taste of licorice.
-  Help manage symptoms of menopause
- Relief from arthritis
- Fights against respiratory infections  

Nettle Tea:
Actually a bit of a superhero. Gentle grassy type flavour.
- Promotes healthy kidney functions
- Fights against colds, flus and fevers
- Aids digestions

Raspberry Leaf Tea:
My sister Jade drank this daily prior to giving birth. A mild but sweet taste.
- Increase fertility in women
- Regulates hormones
- Some studies show to encourage labour

Strawberry Leaf Tea:
- Can help with night sweats
- Contains iron, calcium and Vit C
- Alleviate stomach upset

You now often find mixes of herbs, spices and fruit teas to create it's own kind of specialty tea. Such as sleep Tea, Digestion Tea, Immune System Boost Tea and Women's Tea.