history of sports bras

Sports bras do not get enough appreciation. They hold us up, make us look good, improve our performance, reduce damage and pain, and stop our breasts from knocking ourselves and anyone else out.

But where/what/who created this phenomenon and how can we ever thank them!?

Shockingly, sports bras have only been around since the 70's, and yet women have been participating in the Olympics for far longer. I struggle running down the stairs in my lingerie bra, let alone running the 5,000m!

The first sports bra was created by two women, so fed up with painful breasts during exercise, chafing and straps falling down from their lingerie bra that they decided to do something about it. 

And so the 'Jogbra' was invented! Two jock-straps, (that's right, two male jock-straps) were sewn together to create the first ever sports bra.

Thankfully, the sports bra has evolved since then and we are no longer borrowing jock-straps to look after our girls! 

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