Why are breasts getting bigger - High Impact Sports Bras

It's true that breasts are getting bigger. We are now seeing younger girls, developing earlier and at an astounding rate.

The average cup size in the UK has increased from a B to a D in just a few years. 

Here are a few surprising and not-so-surprising reasons why...

Breast enhancements are more common, easily available and it's becoming the norm. Girls from a young age are more body conscious than ever and making decisions about their bodies before they are even fully developed yet. Instead of loving and embracing what you have, we now live in a society where it's so easy to change what you don't like to something you do like. There's pros and cons to this of course. 

Diet is also a big factor. Although the world is full of tips and tricks on losing weight and going to the gym, as a country we are still in the top 10 for the world's fattest country. Due to a lack of education around healthy eating, we can often eat bigger portion sizes than we actually need and have easy access to unhealthy foods so it's possible to gain weight in your breasts. 

Certain types of oral contraception can have an influence on your breast size, this is due to the hormones within them that your body absorbs. Hormones already play a big part in breast size, so adding in hormones can really change your shape whatever age you. 

Dairy. Believe it or not, a tonne of research has gone into understanding what is in cows milk and how it affect our bodies. If you think about how a cow produces milk, she needs to be pregnant, whilst pregnant, the body produces a high amount of hormones which is also found in the milk. So consuming dairy products can actually throw your hormone balance out. Leading to mood swings, bad skin, and an increase in breast size. 

Understanding why breasts are getting larger can help us provide the right support and even slow down the increase. The average weight of breasts in the uk is 1kg (the same as a bottle of wine!). If this continues to increase, women and young females (our future athletes) will struggle to exercise, and work harder than ever on keeping their bodies and mind in shape.