Your breasts play a huge part in your life and taking care of them will make you and your breast friends feel and look better. It's not just about sagging and stretch marks. Here's some guidance on the breast health best practices.

Your skin - Moisturising regularly will help keep skin looking fresh. The skin across your breasts can be very thin and because of the changes that your breast go through in a monthly cycle, and even over your life time, from pregnancy, weight changes and hormones, the skin goes through a lot of stretching and retracting. By keeping the skin supple you will aid your body with these changes. You can buy some moisturises and oils that have been proven to decrease the look of stretch marks and scars. If you like to go o'naturel with your moisturiser, 100% organic coconut oil is a good alternative. 

Support your breasts -  By giving your girls the best support right from when you first develop breasts throughout your whole life you will help maintain their internal and external structure. Wearing a supportive lingerie bra is just as useful as wearing the right supportive sports bra. Be sure to regularly check your size and update your bras frequently to ensure they are supported. An incorrectly fitting bra can cause all sorts of problems. There is also no need to wear a bra to bed.

Monthly breast checks - You should check your breasts at the same time every month for any changes. This includes checking the skin surrounding your breasts, using your fingers to check your breasts and surrounding areas including your armpits, ribs and collarbone. Noticing unusual discharge from your nipple. That way you'll be able to easily identify anything unusual for your breasts and we always recommend you seek advice straight away.