Exercising without a sports bra or a poorly fitting one can lead to many health issues. Have you been experiencing any of these common problems?

Chafing and or rubbing - This could be due to a number of reasons.
You might be wearing the wrong sized bra. If your sports bra is too big, it will move around whilst you exercise, causing friction against the skin. 
Tell the truth… how old is the sport bra you’re wearing at the moment? The chances are that once upon a time it fitted you, but now it has stretched and no longer fits. See our blog post on the tell-tale signs that your sports bra is past it's use by date, here.
Some materials or stitching may irritate your skin, especially if it is sensitive. Try seamless bras or wear ones with a soft bottom band.
If the underwire is digging in, check that it fits correctly, or try a non-wired sports bra.

Back pain - You may be susceptible to back pain if you exercise without a sports bra. After all, the average UK breast size is now a 36D*. Your body goes through enough when you exercise, without also having to support a heavy, free-moving object. It can encourage bad posture and incorrect exercise movements. You’ll find that you perform much better with a correctly fitting sports bra.

Shoulder/neck pain - If you are relying on the straps of your sports bra to support your breasts, there is a good chance this could be causing you shoulder or neck pain. The support should come from the band around the bottom of the sports bra, it works as a shelf for your breast. Relying on often thin and flexible straps which are not designed to support the full weight of your breast will put more strain and pressure on your shoulders and neck. Ensuring you wear a good supporting sports bra in the right size means you won't have to rely on your straps to do all the supporting. 

Breast pain - Your breast only has two natural supporting structures; the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments*. Both are very weak and can easily be stretched, causing irreversible damage. If you don’t wear a sports bra you risk breast bounce which can be painful, as your breast will rise and fall between 2cm – 15cm whilst you exercise*.

The good news - is that there is a simple solution to all of these issues: a correctly fitting sports bra!
Different sports bras are right for different people- take our quiz to see which sports bras are right for you.


* https://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/a-sports-bra-can-reduce-breast-pain-during-exercise.aspx#sag