A correctly fitting sports bra is key to ensuring you are getting the support and comfort you need. Follow our guide below to check your fit. 

The Band - this is most important part of any bra. Around 80% of the support comes from here. The band should sit flat against your body and be level all the way around. If you pull the band away from your back, it shouldn’t extend more than 5cm from your skin. If it’s too tight, the band is too small. If it’s too loose, the band is too big. 

High Impact Sports Bras - is my sports bra too tight   High Impact sports bras - does my sports bra fit


The Cups - The bra cups hold the breasts in place. Your breasts should fill the cups completely and there should be no breast spilling out of the top or sides, as this means the cup is too small. If the material is ruching, or you done fill the cups completely, you will need to go down a cup size.

High Impact Sports Bras how should my sports bra fit


The Straps – The straps should sit snugly against your skin. You should be able to slide two fingers underneath and still be able to move them. If you notice redness or marks on your shoulders, the straps are too tight. If you can easily lift the straps away from your shoulders or they keep slipping down, they are too loose. Remember that the support does not come from the straps; they are there to hold the cups in place.

High Impact Sports Bras - how should a sports bra fit


Underwire – If you have an underwire in your sports bra, it should sit flat against your body. Try pushing the end of the wire where it sits closest to your armpit. Does it hit your bone? If you find you’re pushing against breast tissue, the cup is too small. 

> Always start any new bra on the loosest or middle hook. As you wear and wash the bra, the fabric will give a little, and you will have the option to adjust the hooks to increase the tightness.

> You might think at first that your new bra feels too tight or that you can’t breathe. Give your body a chance to get used to it; your bra needs to wear in, like a new pair of running shoes.

> The best thing you can do is test out your new sports bra. Try a few jumping jacks, or run on the spot! You should feel supported and comfortable.

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