CALLING ALL YOUNG FEMALES! Do you notice your breasts moving during P.E or sports games? Can exercise cause them to hurt or ache? Do you feel embarrassed when your breasts bounce?
Firstly, you are not alone.
Secondly, never fear, we have a solution!

FIRST FIT | Encouraging young females to be active and take care of their bodies. We have specifically dedicated FIRST FIT to young females, to help educate, inform and advise on the importance of a sports bra, breast health and how looking after your body from a young age, means you will reap the benefits later on.

High Impact sports bras - daughters first sports bra

Breast health and sports bras | are important no matter what your age. If your breasts have started developing and you're participating in sport, you should be wearing a correctly supporting and fitting sports bra to protect your body.

Top performance | on the pitch, the athletics track, or on the court means you need to be on top of your game. You should be focused on the sport and not on what your breasts are doing. 

High Impact sports bras - young athlete sports bras

Breast movement | You might find that when you are playing sport you notice your breasts moving, or maybe they hurt or ache during P.E lessons. These are all signs that it's time to get yourself a sports bra. You may feel embarrassed when your breasts move during exercise, but by wearing a sports bra you won't even notice them. 

Breast damage and sagging | occurs when your breasts bounce and move more than they are meant to. A sports bra will lower the risk of stretch marks and sagging in the future, this is because your breasts don't have any muscles in them- so they need support from your sports bra.
You will also look good, feel good and perform better. 

Your sports bag | should always include a sports bra. It is just as important as your trainers.

High Impact sports bras - P.E school kit sports bra

Guidance | If you aren't sure on your size, you can use our measure at home guide here, ask a trusted adult for help if you need to. 

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