You might know what a sports bra is, but do you know why you need wear one? Here explains the importance of a sports bra and how wearing one can improve your overall well-being, not just during exercise.

Reduces breast pain
Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing pain when exercising. There can be a substantial amount of breast movement whilst your body is active, and a sports bra will help keep your breasts under control. 

Increases confidence
Breast bounce can be embarrassing, even when you’re amongst a group of girlfriends. Whether you’re running a 5k, taking part in a spin class or lifting weights, a correctly fitting sports bra will give you the extra support you need and keep your focus on the task in hand and not on what your breasts are doing. 

Prevents irreversible damage
Your breasts have only two natural supporting structures: the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments*. Both are very thin and not particularly stretchy. When exercising, the weight and movement of your breasts can cause irreversible damage such as stretch marks, sagging and tearing of the Cooper’s ligaments*.

Have you ever tried running in your lingerie bra? You’ll find that it completely changes your running form. It’s also uncomfortable, unnatural and can cause you to run slower.

The High Impact promise:
By wearing a correctly fitting sports bra your performance will improve, you'll feel more confident and your breasts will thank you! 

Now you know why you need a sports bra- click here to find the right one for you.