Sports bras are highly technical, and to help you understand what it is you want and need from your sports bras, we have all the technology information below. 

HPE Technologies    High Impact Sports Bras - HPE activewear bras

FRESHFIT: has silver technology that prevents bacterial build up and a moisture management system that keeps you fresh, healthy and performing for longer. Go from cross fit to yoga to spin with FRESHFIT technology.

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Jilla Technologies  High Impact Sports Bras - Jilla activewear bras

Bamboo Fibres: 

  • Incredibly soft and breathable fabric
  • It has antibacterial and deodorising qualities
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Natural fibre
  • Super quick growing and sustainable plant
Polyamide Yarn: 
  • Soft and comfortable
  • They mix polyamide with elastane for a high stretch
  • Sweat wicking and quick drying
  • Antibacterial and odour reducing
  • Jilla can knit in both breathable sections and firm, supportive panels- ideal for activewear

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Freya Active Technologies      High Impact Sports Bras - Freya active sports bras

COOLMAX: Freya's own COOLMAX fabric allows the body to breath, stay cool and wicks away moisture. 

Perforated cups: The perforated foam cups allow the breasts to cool, provide breathability and reduce sweating.

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Anita Technologies    High Impact Sports Bras - Anita active sports bras

Microfiber: High-tech synthetic fiber, made of polyester or polyamide. The filaments (endless threads) are transformed into a thread of extreme finesse. Wind and rain penetrate this matter with difficulty, while perspiration evaporates easily. Fabrics made of microfiber are characterized by their extreme lightness and flexibility, as well as their exceptional strength and thermoregulatory properties.

Sweat Management: The combination of two high-tech breathable materials allows a quick and perfect management of perspiration.

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Triumph Triaction Technologies  High Impact Sports Bras - triumph triaction

Comfort wire: Patented Triumph wire with soft spring tips which flex and adapt to your body’s every movement.

Lycra: Very elastic and flexible fibre, always in combination with other materials providing an amazing freedom of movement.

Spacer cup: The innovative Spacer Cup Technology is a multi-layer fabric system that enhances airflow and breathability by four times. Incredibly soft and light fabric. Comfortably contours the bust without adding any extra volume.

Bounce control: Tested extreme bounce control above 68%. Best support and technologies for training & performance

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Odlo Technologies  High Impact Sports Bras - Odlo ceramicool

Ceramicool: has an active cooling technology which has proven to lower body temperature by 1 degrees. The ceramic particles in the yarn have the ability to release warmth quickly and thus transmit the excessive heat away from the skin. The flat cross section structure creates tiny channels in the yarn for warm air streams to flow away. The low bulk yarn is the basis for this light-weight material and creates ultimate breathability and ventilation.

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Primadonna Technologies    High Impact Sports Bras - Primadonna sweater padded

Quick dry technology: Used across the fabric within the sports bra. Transpiration evaporates quickly and reduces traces of odour. 

Pattern technology: The shape and design of the cups provide breasts with a lift and encapsulation support, rather than compression and reduces breast movement. 

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